ATC Specials

Auto Tint City’s Outfitters Club Level Pricing on all of these Offerings:


Remote Starter Packages & Heated Seats
The Auto City Outfitters team of professionals will help you select the best Remote Starter and/or Alarm Package for your needs and your vehicle.

As an Authorized WeatherTech® Diamond Dealer, our full line of WeatherTech® products to protect your vehicle this winter.

Lighting Upgrades
Enhancing your vehicle’s driving visibility, safety and performance, and unique appearance.

Glassperency Glass Coating
Keeps the wintery slop off your glass, reducing glare, increasing clarity, and boosting glass resiliency.

Accents & Wraps
‘Make It Your Own’ Accents/Wraps, protecting your vehicle while giving it a one-of-a-kind look.

ATC’s Preservation Services
Including our Super Bubble Package.

If you haven’t added Tint to your windows, the winter is a great time to do it: