Accent Lighting

Auto Tint City’s Professional Accent Lighting

As the only Racesport store in Michigan certified to sell and install Racesport Lighting Products, Auto City Outfitters will help give your vehicle that one-of-kind, personalized look with superior Accent Lighting Systems.

Have an idea of your own for your vehicle’s Accent Lighting, or need us to show you some of the endless possibilities?

Fiber Optic Multicolor LED Accent Light Kits

Add Accent Lighting to or around your vehicle’s:

    • wheel wells
    • door handles
    • license plates/tags
    • underbody
    • footwells
    • headlights
    • chrome
    • grille
    • dashboard and console
    • engine bay
    • truck well
    • and more!

Most Accent Lighting kits come with a remote control or cell phone-based controls, giving you full control over your accent lights

Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ORV’s, Marine – if it’s a vehicle, Auto City Outfitters can customize your Accent Lighting to the look you want

Have questions about our Interior Ambient Lighting options & services?

Call us today at 313-274-2300 and ask to talk to one of our Lighting Professionals.

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