Preservation: Super Bubble Package

Super Bubble Package

Auto City Outfitter’s Super Bubble Package combines our Supergard Rustproofing, Supergard Paint Protection and Supergard Interior Protection in one package that provides the ultimate protection for your entire vehicle

Vehicle Preservation (Interior and Exterior)

From $1099, depending on vehicle condition and size.

Auto City Outfitters Super-Bubble Package includes Complete:

  • ACO Supergard Rustproofing (10-year warranty on Rustproofing on qualified vehicles)
  • ACO Supergard Paint Protection (6-year warranty)
  • ACO Supergard Interior Protection (5-year warranty)

Keep your car safe…inside the Bubble!! Your vehicle’s body is safe from salt and rust! Your vehicle’s paint is glossy and safe from sun, acid rain, bugs, mud, and road tar! Your interior is safe from salt and slush, from beverage spills, from dirt and other stain-producing events!