Advantages of adding chrome & chrome Accessories to your vehicle:

  • New Life & Luxury – chrome and chrome accessories such as stainless fender trim, mirror covers, door handles, tailgates, or rims adds new life and a touch of luxury to your truck or car
  • Attention Grabber – nothing grabs attention on a truck or car-like chrome & chrome accessories by adding reflective shine and a smooth line to the appearance
  • Almost Limitless Options – almost any part of your vehicle can be amped up with chrome. Not sure if Auto City Outfitters can add chrome to that feature? Just ask!

Auto City Outfitter’s Chrome & Chrome Accessory services:

  • Our team of professional installers have the experience & expertise to do your job right – the first time!
  • While there is always the DIY option for some people, leaving the job to us has many benefits, including lack of hassle, convenience, and warranted work.
  • Competitive Prices – Auto City Outfitters’ work is competitively priced to provide great value to you and your truck or car.
  • Expert Advice – as this is not our first ‘chrome rodeo’, we can advise on what would achieve the optimal chrome look based on your desires, your budget, and your vehicle.

With all the Truck Accessory options – including Bedliners, Tonneau Covers, Side Steps / Side Bars, Light Bars, Grilles and Chrome – picking the best option for your needs and your vehicle can be difficult. We can help! Call us today at 313-274-2300 to discuss what you want to do with your Truck.