Interior Ambient

What Can Interior Ambient Lighting do for Your Vehicle?

Improves the overall appearance of the vehicle while significantly increasing its value & owner appreciation

Enhances the perception of spaciousness and quality of materials in a vehicle

Enhances night-driving safety by fostering a greater level of alertness

Gives your car or truck that one-of-a-kind look.

Why have Auto City Outfitters add Ambient LED Lights to your vehicle’s interior:

  • Superior Energy Efficiency – LED Lights use up to 80% less energy than conventional lighting
  • Longer Life – Ambient LED Lights last far longer than conventional lights
  • Great Versatility – custom LED strips and other lighting features can be combined in endless ways to create the look you want
  • Diverse Colors – replace your boring-white conventional lighting with multi-colored options

Where can Interior Ambient Lighting be Installed?

  • Auto City Outfitter can install Ambient LED Lights anywhere a traditional bulb is found
  • Dome lights
  • Door lights
  • Map lights
  • Trunk lights
  • Glove box lights
  • Cargo area lights
  • We can also install custom LED light strips anywhere in the vehicle.
Have questions about our Interior Ambient Lighting options & services?

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