Color Changes


Are you tired of the color of your vehicle? Or want to breathe new life into your vehicle?

A full-vehicle Color Change Wrap allows you to choose from a variety of materials and colors to give your vehicle the look that you want.

What is a Color Change Wrap?

A Color Change Wrap provides the look and feel of a high-quality paint job, but at a fraction of the expense and time.

The Color Change Wrap is expertly applied by Auto City Outfitters’ Wrap Team, directly over the original paint of the vehicle.

The application of the wrap changes the vehicle’s appearance to the style and color that you want. It also can be removed at any time, which returns the vehicle back to its original condition.

How are full Color Change Wraps better than a Paint Job?

  • Cost – simply put, painting a full vehicle is more expensive than a Color Change Wrap
  • Fade & Chip Resistant – paint will fade and chip over time, not so with a Color Change Wrap. As a result, your vehicle maintains its value over time.
  • Finish & Color Selection –  there are a huge number of possibilities that can be created with the number of finishes and color selections offered by Auto City Outfitters.

Need help selecting the full Color Change Wrap for your car or truck, or what to talk to us about your Color Change project? Call us today at 313-274-2300.