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SPF Medical Tinting

Top protection from an amazing nearly clear nano-ceramic automotive film application!

  • $699 (special cars, SUVs +$50)
  • Drive safe, and protected, with great vision of the road!
  • Harmful rays totally shut out!
  • Best total solar energy block
  • Shades of 80% and 60% VLT,–much safer for road vision,especially when night driving.

Medical grade tint from the family of ATC color stable films

All the protection –without the dark

All the performance –nearly clear

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More People Are Diagnosed With Skin Cancer Each Year Than All Other Cancers Combined*

One in five people will develop skin cancer by the time they are 70 years old – One in five! Those are not great odds. While it’s nearly impossible to completely avoid the sun, there are precautions we can take to limit our exposure to harmful UV rays.

Protection: Most everyone knows to put on sunblock when they hit the beach or play a round of golf, but did you know that you can be exposed to harmful UV rays in your house and in your car? In fact, the average American spends nearly two hours a day – and nearly 40,000 hours over a lifetime –in their car! That’s a lot of exposure to the sun.

Comfort: IR rays are lower spectrum heat rays, the sun rays you can feel. IR rays are used in heat lamps. Blocking this spectrum of the sun’s rays in one’s vehicle gives a huge improvement in comfort, especially for those with sun sensitivities!

ATC’s new SPF films – block 99% of harmful UV rays and over 80% of the IR rays, giving the BEST PROTECTION AND COMFORT in a reasonably priced medical film. SPF is a simple (and stylish) way to limit your UV ray exposure while in your vehicle. SPF has great clarity, and very little darkening of the glass,so no concerns of tickets for states with strict tint laws.


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