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Paint Protection

Auto and Truck – Chemical Paint Protection – Metro Detroit
ATC Super-Gard Paint Protection $299

SG-PaintIncrease shine and luster!

  • Warranted to maintain shine for up to five years
  • Protects the paint surface
  • Teflon-Silicone compound bonds to the paint
  • No waxing necessary
  • Also available for used vehicles

For a show car finish, our paint protectant is worked into your vehicle’s surface for a brilliant shine that protects. Your vehicle finish is cleaned of minor scratches and oxidation.

An application of ATC Super-Gard Paint Protection that actually bonds to your vehicle’s paint, creating a lustrous deep protective shine. Glazing also will protect your vehicle’s finish from acid rain and damaging UV rays.



Dirt and grime will seem to slide off your car’s finish. Your car will clean easier and faster once it’s been glazed. Guaranteed enjoyment for five years!

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