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Interior Protection

Auto and Truck – Fabric Protection – Metro Detroit
ATC Super-Gard Interior Protection $299 with 5-year warranty

FABRIC PROTECTION AVAILABLE FOR TRUCKS, SUVS AND CARS! Accidental spills can leave a stain on your vehicle’s fabric forever. With ATC Super-Gard, the interior of your vehicle will be protected and look new longer.

SG-InteriorloveyourcarATC Super-Gard is an indispensable protective layer that helps repel common substances that can stain or blemish vehicles. On the inside, spills and debris from coffee, soft drinks, mud and slush easily wipe off seats and carpets. ATC Super-Gard also reduces exposure to the sun’s UV rays which can cause vinyl dashboard cracks and upholstery discoloration.

Accidents will happen. Don’t be reminded of them every time you get in your car. Protect against stains today. Contact us to learn more about our fabric protection solutions.

  • Limited 5 yearFront seats of a modern car, light leather. warranty
  • Protects Cloth, Leather, Vinyl, and Carpet
  • Prevents stains
  • Increases the life of interior as well as cuts down on the wear
  • Keeps your vehicle “Like New”

ATC Super-Gard Leather and Vinyl Protector
Helps protect interior surfaces

  • Creates an invisible barrier against the damaging effects of ultraviolet light.
  • Our non-greasy formula produces a rich satin sheen.


ATC Super-Gard Fabric Protector
Helps stop spills from staining your seats

When applied to your fabric seats spills settle on top of the surface instead of being immediately absorbed.

  • When applied to your fabric seats spills settle on top of the surface instead of being immediately absorbed.
  • Coffee, catsup and sippy cup contents wipe off easily.

ATC Super-Gard Carpet Protector
Helps to resist carpet stains

Your first line of defense in the battle for a clean car interior.

  • Helps prevent mud‚ dirt‚ slush and grease from being immediately absorbed into carpet fibers
  • Makes messes easy to clean up
  • Discourages stains


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