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Automotive Wraps


Automobile WRAPS are all the rage right now. Auto Tint City, located in Dearborn Heights does WRAPS! Wraps are highly versatile vehicle finishes applied to exterior of vehicles which cost far less than paint for the same vehicle. Wraps come a variety of custom finishes; Matte, Hi-Gloss, Flats, Metallic, Camo, Carbon fiber, etc.—So many options!

A little more about wraps:


  • Wraps are specialty vinyls applied to a vehicle’s exterior.
  • Wraps have endless possible looks and finishes.
  • Wraps are usually far less than a paint job.
  • Wraps are compatible with most all paints.
  • Wraps can be removed with no issues, and these vehicles can be re-wrapped or painted.
  • Most wraps come with a 5-year warranty.
  • Wraps require little maintenance.  A periodic wipe with a wrap dressing will enhance wrap life.
  • Custom designs are done on a limited basis.  A design fee is charged and a wrap designs are done to meet customer specs.

Wrap prices:

  • Accent wraps—from $150-750 partials such as bumpers, window trim, hoods, hoods, stripes, etc.
  • Full Wraps—Vehicle size, materials and specialty labor are used to calculate the exact price.  Call for specific pricing.

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