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CarLink Remote Starters


  • COMMAND/CONTROL your car from anywhere (Remote Start and Door Locks)
  • 1 year basic service included
  • Unlimited use

CarLink’s Smartphone interface new GPS feature allows you to track a vehicle’s location on a map with Pan, Zoom/Satellite and Street views. In addition to tracking, the system lets you set up to three Geo-Fence locations and a Security Fence feature. The CarLink module + app is easily downloadable on any iPhone, Android or Blackberry device and has virtually unlimited operating range. With the CarLink app, you can also add as many vehicles as you want to your account and easily navigate between each vehicle within the preference settings on your device.

  • Compatible with iPhone, BlackBerry and Android
  • Easy “plug-in” installation
  • Remote Start
  • Door lock and unlock
  • Two-way confirmation

Additional Features:

  • Virtually unlimited operating range (in smartphone service areas)
  • GPS Vehicle Locate – Receive the vehicle’s current location, speed and direction
  • GEO Fence with Security Fence – Receive notification if the vehicle has moved without your approval
  • Speed and Low Battery Alert – Receive notifications when the vehicle exceeds a specified speed setting or the battery drops below a specified voltage setting
  • Curfew Notification – Gives you the ability to schedule time frames for notification if the vehicle has moved
  • Car find feature (horn honk and/or flashing lights)
  • Two auxiliary outputs (i.e. control trunk release or sliding door open)
  • Compatible with any Prestige, Code Alarm and Pursuit security or remote start system with data port
  • 1st year “unlimited use” included
  • Within the first year of service, you can upgrade to GPS from the included base service plan for $50.00.
  • For the second year you can renew the basic plan (without GPS) for $29.99, or with GPS for $79.99
  • Virtually unlimited operating range (in smartphone service areas)

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